Where do you find Happiness?

One’s definition of Happiness is always subjective. We all have different things that make us happy. But I think even if everyone has their own views, there are still some things that everyone will agree on.

I’ve been in search for happiness for a while now and I’ve found some of my own definition or how to feel happy.

  1. Getting and staying close with your family
    Nothing beats a firm relationship between you and your family. They are the one that sticks with you throughout your life journey because family stays together. If all else fails, they’re the one you can run to. They won’t judge you or leave you hanging, they would give you advice that will help you and go through life.
    Having best friends is a great thing but remember that they have their own problems to deal with . They also have their own life outside your friendship.
  2. Setting goals for yourself and achieve it
    Set some goals for yourself, whether it’s for tomorrow, for next week, next month or year. It feels good having a sense of accomplishment.
  3. Develop a hobby like reading, sports or music related
    I wasn’t born a booklover. When I was in my high school years, we have a book reporting and this 15mins program called DEAR-Drop Everything And Read. But everyone doesn’t like reading, these were the times when we were just staring into words and not understanding anything. But as time passed by, I got so hooked up with books. I would be reading ebooks at home, during dinner time, commuting, at school, at class and even at work, anytime that I can. If I’m in the mood for reading and made plan with my friends, I just want to cancel the plan and stay in my bed wrapped in my comforter with a hot cup of tea forever and don’t talk to anyone. That’s how addicted I got into reading. It feels serene when you’re lost in the moment or your own world with all these imaginations and places you haven’t been to. “Travel the world by reading a book.”
  4. Learn new skills
    I’ve recently joined a half day workshop about Basic Leather Crafting and now I have added something new to the skills that I know.
    Do something you want to learn in the moment and take action. What we like or love changes overtime so don’t take your free time for granted. Instead of spending another day with the same routine, enroll in some short classes and it will give you advantage in the future.
  5. Just smile, whatever emotion you feel in the moment
    Whether you feel happy or sad or nothing or angry/mad/enraged/furious, just calm down and smile (but not the creepy type lol). Nothing good happens when you don’t think and just act on it. Think positive or if you can’t, count and breathe. Everything will pass.
  6. Spend a day or two with yourself
    As much as surrounding yourself with people you love sounds great, try spending time with yourself. You’ll discover things that you don’t know or have forgotten.
  7. Travel
    Travel around and you’ll find out that there are so much things the world has to offer. Meet different people and listen to their stories and share yours. Learn their culture. It widens you’re understanding and knowledge. Restore your faith in humanity. There might be a lot of negative things happening but you’ll still find people that doesn’t let it affect or destroy them. Travel also makes you stronger. You’ll realize that language barrier sometimes doesn’t stop you from engaging with other people and enjoying your time.
  8. Do not stress about the future
    I know it’s hard and I haven’t gotten to that point yet but as much as you can don’t stress about your future, stop overthinking and stay focus on your present. Do what you want to do in the moment. Get a job that you enjoy doing. Time flies by too fast, don’t get stuck doing things that don’t make you happy.
  9. Lessen your use of browsing through social media sites
    Social media sites can be a good place to share and view pictures and good vibe or funny videos and all but it also got it’s ugly side. Sometimes it will make you insecure that other people have travel to lots of places or moving to a country that you wanna live in. Browse once in a while but don’t make it a habit of checking it every now and then. Focus on yourself and your goals.

But to sum it all, I guess you just have to stop looking for happiness and instead live life.


Everything You Wanna Hear

Dear self,

I know how much you wish you can fast forward your time to see what your future holds. But it means you are going to miss some important happenings in your life. You may not like where you are right now but be strong and patient enough and you will be lead to where you want or suppose to be. Enjoy everything you have in the present, stop stressing about your future. The future depends on your current decisions. It doesn’t mean that there’s a plan already lay out in front of you. There’s no straight road ahead. Your destination depends on your decisions. But rest assured that you will be lead to the right place.

2017 maybe a year full of frustrations and sadness but deep down I know that 2018 will be the year. I can feel it. It will be a year full of hope. It will slowly but surely take away all the sadness in you and turn it into something full of hope and positivity. It will be the year when you feel like everything you do makes sense, you feel the purpose of what you’re doing. Stop looking for happiness and just feel and live life. You are stronger than what you thought you were. Stop restricting yourself in what you do and just follow your heart. Do things that you will enjoy. Sometimes it’s better to do something you want rather than something you need and in that way you will be truly happy.

Till our next letter, sweetie.

Love lots,